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Do Cashback Sites Really Work?

TopCashBack and Quidco have actually paid me so yes, they do. I personally think that these sites are brilliant, I’ve had my TopCashBack (TCB) account for about 4 years and I’ve had £1100 back so far on stuff I would have bought anyway. Just to be clear, sometimes it’s not worth using it but those situations are really quite rare.

The best deals are for switching utility, insurance, mobile, TV and Broadband suppliers, some pay over £100 and the cash actually comes back to you! It takes some time but its real actual money, not vouchers with conditions, but genuine useable moolah.

Please never stay with your supplier just because you “can’t be arsed” to switch. Even if you find a good deal but still can’t be arsed, ring your current supplier and tell them what you’ve found and for how much, chances are they will reduce your bill there and then (I’ve done this a few times). Would you like to be paid £80 for less than an hour of your time? Yes? Then I think it’s worth being arsed!

As an example, I moved house last year and I needed new contracts for everything, so this is how it panned out:

  • TCB compare site:          £2.50
  • New utility gas:                £80.00
  • New utility lecky:           £80.00
  • New sky connection:    £80.00
  • Extra sky bonus on a prepaid master card: £50

The Gas and Lecky came from the same supplier but I signed up separately so I got the dual fuel discount and the cashback.

I was a bit cheeky with the sky to be honest, the deal was for phone and BB only and sky were offering a £50 prepaid master card for this same package so I went through TCB to order the package, then called up topcashback or quidco to see how this might be useful for you.

There are also plenty of forums on line where people recommend sites and best cashback deals. So if you really want to get into it; have a google!

It’s not strictly cash back but if you are making a considered purchase; Shop around and be cheeky!

If you find something in a shop, there are apps that let you scan the bar code and google it. Sometimes if you show the shop that you’ve found it cheaper, they will beat the price there and then. I did this in Clarks a few months ago; I’d been emailed a voucher for money off online purchases but I asked in the shop and she gave me the 20% off on the spot!

If you are shopping on line do the same, google what you are looking for and don’t just default to eBay and Amazon, they are not always the cheapest. If you absolutely need to buy something, and you are sure you would spend the money anyway craic on, just don’t spend more than you have to. Also please DON’T buy on credit through the stores unless they give you money off to do so and you pay it off before any interest, fees or charges kick in because these are usually the highest rate cards and the easiest to forget about.

Another thing I do now to keep my spending down is instead of checking out as soon as I want to buy something on line, I leave it in the basket for a few days and then only check out and buy it if I really need to. I have found that when I sit down and really look at all the stuff in my basket, I delete quite a bit of it.

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