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Should I buy or lease a car??

Unless you absolutely MUST have a new car right now (or as soon as humanly possible), I’d say buy a slightly older one and save a small fortune. If you will buy a new one anyway, then it might be a different ball game depending on your circumstances. I love cars, really I do but they can be a huge expense especially if you “just pay monthly” for them. Have you ever asked how much interest you are really paying? How much money every year goes in interest or is …

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Money Saving Hacks in the UK

These are not strictly “HACKS”, just a few things that I do regularly to save me a bit of money on day to day stuff – same stuff for less – LOVE it! The NUS Student discount card This is brilliant. What’s that you say; but you’re not a student? You could be! If you buy a course through Groupon (don’t forget to get extra cash by using TCB first for groupon purchases) or Living Social, Wowcher or similar voucher places, you will find that many of them provide you …

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Can I pay less for my mobile phone?

YES! You can pretty much always pay less if you are willing shop around and put some leg work in for cashback deals. If you can be flexible with the phone you want, and you don’t mind a referb, even better! Make sure you know the network coverage for your location (so you don’t pick one with no signal in your house!) AND how much data, minutes, texts etc you need before you start. This is a really high spend area for most people and I think that there are …

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Do Cashback Sites Really Work?

TopCashBack and Quidco have actually paid me so yes, they do. I personally think that these sites are brilliant, I’ve had my TopCashBack (TCB) account for about 4 years and I’ve had £1100 back so far on stuff I would have bought anyway. Just to be clear, sometimes it’s not worth using it but those situations are really quite rare. The best deals are for switching utility, insurance, mobile, TV and Broadband suppliers, some pay over £100 and the cash actually comes back to you! It takes some time but …

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