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For a free copy of the first few pages of my book, please enter your email address below! Do you want the latest version in Kindle format, paperback or Audible? (Click image to see more) If you like the book, I’d be most grateful if you’d leave me a review on Amazon. More reviews means more people will get to see it through the amazon search. MANY THANKS – ENJOY! Like the artwork?

BIG list of useful links and stuff!!

The links provided below are taken from my new book, unsurprisingly entitled “Money Muddle” The book is OUT NOW and a PDF copy is available on this site for FREE to anyone you would like to subscribe to my list. Please note that some of these links are affiliate links so if you click on them and register or buy something, I will get a small commission. Please also note that most of these are just useful references and I would NOT recommend anything that I didn’t think was valuable …

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Does it matter how I think about money?

YES! No-one ever got rich AND stayed that way by disliking the stuff! If you don’t like, want or care for it, the universe will do your bidding and take it away. Do you want to get and keep more money? Then start to LOVE it!! There are 2 seemingly unconnected but equally important aspects to good money management, the first is education which I hope this blog will set you on the right path for, and the second is your mind-set. This second one might seem irrelevant, but bear …

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