Get high returns on your saved cash and /or your cheap debts!

Use Debt to MAKE Money!

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Want to know how to use good debt to MAKE money?? Then read on……… If you are still in a lot of debt that’s charging huge sums of interest then please read “get out of debt fast” and look at my actions plans to help you get clear of BAD debt before you start looking …

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Where should I save my money?

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The simple answer would be: “The place with the lowest risk and highest return”. But there are so many other factors involved; you could try ISA’s, Peer to Peer lending, Property investing, Retail or a big biscuit tin!! It depends what you want and how much risk you can take. Savings I’ve recently read “Rich …

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Why can’t I save money?

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You can!! You just need to find what works for you without making you feel restricted or deprived. There are loads of apps and ways to structure your money that will give you the freedom to enjoy your life (within reason!) and give you a happy buzz from paying the future you though savings and …

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