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What the best type of mortgage?

It depends on your personal circumstances, your credit rating, your loan to value amount (LTV), your age, the property and a myriad of other things but if you want a REALLY SIMPLE explanation of what it might look like for you, please read on……. Please forgive me if you find that this post massively over simplified, my intention is to demonstrate that all mortgages are not created equal and even if you know your way around them, looking at them as part of the bigger picture might give you a …

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Are Credit Cards a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

A. Both. If you have free or low cost money from a credit card AND you invest or use the money to make MORE than the debt cost, then it’s good. IF however you have spent the money on stuff you probably didn’t need, have nothing left in the bank and are paying high interest charges every month to the credit card companies, then NO, it’s very very bad. I personally love credit cards. Yes, I probably should get out more but hear me out. If you manage your cards …

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Should I Consolidate All My Debts Together?

Debt consolidation is only a good idea when it’s going to cost you less in interest over the term, NEVER if you just want more money to spend by reducing your monthly payments. If you want it to feel less “messy” or you have to reduce your monthly outgoings, then here are a few alternative solutions. Before I start, I am assuming here that you have debt that is charging you high interest every month and you’re getting stressed out about it. Consolidation is probably not the answer, so let’s …

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