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Where should I save my money?

The simple answer would be: “The place with the lowest risk and highest return”. But there are so many other factors involved; you could try ISA’s, Peer to Peer lending, Property investing, Retail or a big biscuit tin!! It depends what you want and how much risk you can take. Savings I’ve recently read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki , and yes, I do realise that I’m a bit late to the party on this one. It’s a fantastic book though defiantly not bite sized and of …

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BIG list of useful links and stuff!!

The links provided below are taken from my new book, unsurprisingly entitled “Money Muddle” The book is OUT NOW and a PDF copy is available on this site for FREE to anyone you would like to subscribe to my list. Please note that some of these links are affiliate links so if you click on them and register or buy something, I will get a small commission. Please also note that most of these are just useful references and I would NOT recommend anything that I didn’t think was valuable …

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How do I invest without any money?

Easy; use someone else’s! Seriously though, depending on your financial health, you could be borrowing money at 0% and investing it relatively safely at 5% or more – just so long as you have no expensive debts, you’re on a winner!! Please have a look at my book (out soon!) or just read through all the blog posts on this site to optimise your income minimise your outgoings and improve your credit rating before you start to use other people’s money to make some for yourself. There is a HUGE …

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Should I buy or lease a car??

Unless you absolutely MUST have a new car right now (or as soon as humanly possible), I’d say buy a slightly older one and save a small fortune. If you will buy a new one anyway, then it might be a different ball game depending on your circumstances. I love cars, really I do but they can be a huge expense especially if you “just pay monthly” for them. Have you ever asked how much interest you are really paying? How much money every year goes in interest or is …

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Money Saving Hacks in the UK

These are not strictly “HACKS”, just a few things that I do regularly to save me a bit of money on day to day stuff – same stuff for less – LOVE it! The NUS Student discount card This is brilliant. What’s that you say; but you’re not a student? You could be! If you buy a course through Groupon (don’t forget to get extra cash by using TCB first for groupon purchases) or Living Social, Wowcher or similar voucher places, you will find that many of them provide you …

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How can I make some extra cash from home? (UK)

There are so many ways to make extra money it can make your head explode. BUT with opportunity comes opportunists willing to say anything to get your hard earned cash off you when all you’re trying to do it make a bit more. These are some things i’ve tried that might help……. Making extra income If you have some time on your hands, and a willingness to learn, there are so many ways to make extra money these days. Below are just a few that I have tried or have …

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Can I pay less for my mobile phone?

YES! You can pretty much always pay less if you are willing shop around and put some leg work in for cashback deals. If you can be flexible with the phone you want, and you don’t mind a referb, even better! Make sure you know the network coverage for your location (so you don’t pick one with no signal in your house!) AND how much data, minutes, texts etc you need before you start. This is a really high spend area for most people and I think that there are …

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Why can’t I save money?

You can!! You just need to find what works for you without making you feel restricted or deprived. There are loads of apps and ways to structure your money that will give you the freedom to enjoy your life (within reason!) and give you a happy buzz from paying the future you though savings and investments. “You can have a Masters degree in making money, but you will still wind up broke if you have a PhD in spending it.” ―Orrin Woodward Having a Budget              What springs to mind when …

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What the best type of mortgage?

It depends on your personal circumstances, your credit rating, your loan to value amount (LTV), your age, the property and a myriad of other things but if you want a REALLY SIMPLE explanation of what it might look like for you, please read on……. Please forgive me if you find that this post massively over simplified, my intention is to demonstrate that all mortgages are not created equal and even if you know your way around them, looking at them as part of the bigger picture might give you a …

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Does it matter how I think about money?

YES! No-one ever got rich AND stayed that way by disliking the stuff! If you don’t like, want or care for it, the universe will do your bidding and take it away. Do you want to get and keep more money? Then start to LOVE it!! There are 2 seemingly unconnected but equally important aspects to good money management, the first is education which I hope this blog will set you on the right path for, and the second is your mind-set. This second one might seem irrelevant, but bear …

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Is it too late to start a pension and do I really need one?

It’s never too late (almost!) do you need one, i would think so! Why do you ask? Most pension sites create white noise in my head so here is my simple take on why you should have one, when you should start and what I wish I’d understood many years ago! So many books have been written on this subject by people who have spent years of their lives navigating this immense landscape so I will not pretend to know as much as they do by any means, I will …

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Do Cashback Sites Really Work?

TopCashBack and Quidco have actually paid me so yes, they do. I personally think that these sites are brilliant, I’ve had my TopCashBack (TCB) account for about 4 years and I’ve had £1100 back so far on stuff I would have bought anyway. Just to be clear, sometimes it’s not worth using it but those situations are really quite rare. The best deals are for switching utility, insurance, mobile, TV and Broadband suppliers, some pay over £100 and the cash actually comes back to you! It takes some time but …

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Are Credit Cards a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

A. Both. If you have free or low cost money from a credit card AND you invest or use the money to make MORE than the debt cost, then it’s good. IF however you have spent the money on stuff you probably didn’t need, have nothing left in the bank and are paying high interest charges every month to the credit card companies, then NO, it’s very very bad. I personally love credit cards. Yes, I probably should get out more but hear me out. If you manage your cards …

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Should I Consolidate All My Debts Together?

Debt consolidation is only a good idea when it’s going to cost you less in interest over the term, NEVER if you just want more money to spend by reducing your monthly payments. If you want it to feel less “messy” or you have to reduce your monthly outgoings, then here are a few alternative solutions. Before I start, I am assuming here that you have debt that is charging you high interest every month and you’re getting stressed out about it. Consolidation is probably not the answer, so let’s …

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